What Сan I do to Fix the Bug on My Android Phone?

Windows system administrators, PC programmers, service center specialists, and field PC repair technicians should be able to use professional software that helps to solve problems that cannot be solved using popular applications such as cleaners, tweakers, testers, collectors of information about PCs, etc. However, in this article, we will explain to you how to fix the bug on your android phone.

How to Troubleshoot Major Bugs on Android?

Being the owner of an android smartphone or tablet is like giving candy to a small child: you simply cannot stop tuning and optimizing the internal system of the gadget. This is why we think that every android user has performed, at least once, complex operations, such as getting root rights, installing custom firmware, replacing the stock recovery, unlocking the bootloader, and so on, on their devices, while not knowing that such procedures are informal and risky. Therefore, do not be surprised if after applying one of the listed operations, you notice that gmail keeps stopping, or something is wrong with your phone.

Most often, the error occurs due to system failures with contacts, namely applications, thanks to which you can synchronize them. Every Android phone that is officially sold in Europe is equipped with Google services, which includes a tool for synchronizing contacts with a Google account. Thanks to it, you can quickly transfer your data.

Let’s take a quick look at such utilities. For convenience, we have divided them into the following categories:

  1. Utilities for working with files and disks.
  2. Network utilities.
  3. Utilities for working with running tasks/processes/services.
  4. Security utilities.
  5. Utilities for obtaining information about the computer and the operating system.

The reason is the existence of its own scripting language, with which you can create your own mouse/keyboard control macros using conditions, loops, variables, etc. The program also includes the ability to record actions performed by the mouse and keyboard, so that the Clickermann application can be used by users without any programming skills.

How to Avoid the Problem with My Android Phone?

As we all know, there is no operating system that is free from problems. There are many flaws in Android that also plague Samsung Galaxy smartphone users. We have been asked for help more than once to solve the “android process” error, so in order not to answer every one, we have prepared a large guide with detailed instructions.

A Wi-Fi authentication error is one of the most common Android issues. Although in reality, very rarely, the problem lies in the device. More often it is caused by a router, or rather, its incompatibility with your device. The problem is solved quite quickly.

The first method, the most obvious, is to simply check if the password you entered is correct. After all, authentication is nothing more than checking the security key. Therefore, try to forget the problematic network and then re-enter the password.

Auto clickers – a category of programs for automating the operation of a mouse and (optionally) a keyboard. Basically, such applications are used by gamers to perform any of the same types of actions in the game. Auto clickers can also be used to solve more complex tasks – up to automating the game on financial exchanges, where the player needs to quickly click on the buttons for buying/selling assets (using the auto clicker, these actions – moving the cursor and clicks – can be assigned to keys, which will significantly speed up the process).