The most advanced software for data processing

Data analysis is an important process for any company, which allows you to set up the correct organization, explanation, formation, and concluding this very data. The purpose of this process is to extract useful information for the company and make further successful decisions that would contribute to its growth. So, during the process of processing and analyzing data, it is important to achieve clarification, evaluation, and presentation. Special software will help you with this, and in this article, we will look at the best of them.

Whatagraph Review

Whatagraph is one of the best data processing software that offers visual data analysis and automatic collection of information from sources, as well as drag and drops functionality for better reporting. The most important plus of the program is a convenient and simple interface and configuration functions that even a beginner can understand.

Each item of data will be visible on the screen. which, moreover, lends itself to individual editing. Thus, specialists have the opportunity to create an accurate display of the development of the organization’s advertising campaign. The program includes over 30 integrations with major data providers and provides users with a simple understanding and vision of data analytics.

Xplenty Review

Xplenty is a cloud-based ETL data integration software program. The program has powerful built-in tools that allow you to clean and transform data following the highest regulatory requirements. Create simply rendered data pipelines into your data room service.

Main functions:

  • A comfortable and simple graphical interface
  • Effective work of the program allows you to centralize data for analysis
  • Allows transferring data within the databases and data warehouses of the company
  • High-level customer support by mail, phone, or chat

Zoho Analytics Review

Zoho Analytics is another program with efficient work, with the help of you can analyze data in the fastest and most convenient way. You can process data regardless of its location.

The application has a wide range of tools for visualizing information, and the built-in artificial intelligence will become your real assistant, to whom you can ask questions and receive answers in the form of relevant reports.

Main functions:

  • Large assortment of different tables and charts
  • Using artificial intelligence that reacts to questions asked using ordinary speech
  • Excellent applications for Android and IOS providing interactive analysis of dynamic data

Sprinkle Review

By using Sprinkle as a data analytics program, you can integrate, mix, and model data without writing code. Its main functions are:

  • Use data visualization with a complete lack of program code
  • Ability to create business metrics using the model builder function
  • Synchronization with hundreds of data sources
  • Modeling data directly on all tables in the warehouse. Does not require loading data into a business intelligence tool


TIDAMI is more sophisticated software designed for data engineers and scientists whose task is to analyze numerical data. This program is useful for you if you plan to create parameters, integrate models, visualize large amounts of data, select stages of particular interest, compare measures with models.

Main functions:

  • Import files
  • Definition and visualization of interpolation tables
  • Processing data with simple syntaxes
  • High-level visualization with which you can work on multiple tables at the same time