Mac 10 vs Mac 11: What is More Reliable?

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The compact Ingram MAC-10 submachine gun (Military Armament Corporation Model 10, aka M-10 or MAC-10) was developed in 1964 by the American engineer Gordon B. Ingram, then working at Sionics. The submachine gun was created for covert carrying and use in close combat.


What is Mac?

In 1970, the company was absorbed by the Military Armament Corporation and the submachine gun went into production. Two options were presented – under the cartridge .45 ACP and 9×19 mm. Later that year, a version was introduced for the weaker cartridge .380 ACP.

In the manufacture of stamping was actively used, which positively affected its price. Ingram MAC-10 was built according to the scheme with a free shutter. The milled shutter, the drummer is fixedly mounted on the shutter mirror, firing is from the open shutter. In the front position, the bolt runs a significant part of its length onto the barrel (which has a positive effect on reducing the total length of the weapon). The loading handle is located on the upper surface of the receiver and when firing moves with the shutter. In the front position of the shutter, turning the handle 90 degrees locks the shutter, acting as an additional fuse. The main fuse is located below the receiver, to the right of the trigger guard, and has the form of a longitudinally sliding engine.

Features Ingram MAC-10

  • length without butt – 26.9 cm
  • length with folded butt – 29.5 cm
  • length with open butt – 54.8 cm
  • length with silencer and folded butt – 54.5 cm
  • length with silencer and open butt – 79.8 cm
  • barrel length – 14.6 cm
  • weight without muffler – 2.84 kg
  • rate of fire – 1250 rounds / minute (9 mm), 1090 rounds / minute (.45 ACP) and 1380 rounds / minute (.380 ACP)
  • bullet speed – 366 m / s (9 mm), 280 m / s (.45 ACP)
  • effective firing range – 50 m (.45 ACP), 70 m (9 × 19 mm Parabellum)
  • food – detachable magazines for 30 rounds (.45 ACP), for 32 rounds (9 mm)
  • sights – open, unregulated


MAC-11: is it better?

An even more compact version of the MAC-10 was also developed, using the less powerful 9 × 17 mm Browning Short (.380ACP) cartridge, the MAC-11. This option was lighter and shorter in length, which allowed it to be used for more discreet wearing. Switching to a less powerful cartridge made the weapon more manageable.


Features Ingram MAC-11:

  • cartridge – 9 × 17 mm Browning Short (.380ACP)
  • weight – 1.59 kg
  • length with folded butt – 22.2 cm
  • length with open butt – 46 cm
  • barrel length – 12.9 cm
  • rate of fire – 1200 rounds / minute
  • food – detachable magazines for 16 and 32 rounds
  • effective firing range – 30-50 meters

The Ingram MAC-10 and Ingram MAC-11 submachine guns became legendary due to their effectiveness and their active arming of film and television heroes. Computer network games, for example, Battlefield Hardline, were not spared.