Business Security: How to Reset Avast Master Password?

Business Security: How to Reset Avast Master Password? - Post Thumbnail

Avast Master Password is a utility of the same name antivirus. This allows users to manage passwords: save, generate, delete without security risk.

Convenience adds a built-in password generator, logs and ease of use due to the free, and compatibility with any browser: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

Avast Master Password or Browser Password Keeper: What’s Cool?

The logical question is: why would a user use this utility if there is a browser password manager, right?

The problem is that the passwords that your browser stores are easily accessible to hackers. They hack this protection effortlessly and steal your data. A completely different situation is Avast Master Password. It reliably encrypts data, saves passwords and practically makes the fact of hacking impossible. Additionally, the user can strengthen the master password to protect data.

Key features of Avast Master Password

Avast Password Manager features a combination of security and ease of use. In other words, this not only increases your security but also makes it easy to use (data autofill, data synchronization between devices, etc.).

Other functions:

  • Simple entry. Thanks to this program, a quick login with your password will be possible in one second, without filling in and the need to remember it.
  • Reliable and secure payments. Online shopping has become faster and safer with Avast Password Manager. It remembers card data, without the risk of leakage of this information.
  • Fixing personal data. Keep all the information you need in the form of notes and no one will be able to access this.
  • One password for everything. For additional information protection, just create one master password.
  • One-touch entry. Manage passwords on your PC from any mobile device.
  • The password of the keeper. The utility will let you know if your password is weak and insecure.

What happens if you forget your master password?

The master password is the key to access all your saved data (password or notes). If you forgot the master password, then, unfortunately, you or anyone else cannot access the data in the account.

For security reasons, Avast cannot help you retrieve data. Although you can reset the password when setting up a new master password, all data in this account will be erased and can no longer be accessed.

How to set Avast passwords?

Avast Password Manager is completely free, which comes with an antivirus, but you can also download and install it separately.

Go to the Avast website, download it and run a simple installation. You can also use its extension for Chrome or Firefox. The basic version is free, and an extended version with some additional features is also available. You can use any of them according to your needs.

What types of devices are supported?

Avast Password Manager can be used on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices.

Summing up

Our experience, like most users in the community, says that the Avast master password or password manager is a great tool that adds another layer of security between your virtual data and thieves.

Try it yourself and tell us your experience by commenting.